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Translated EU Advocacy

European Union (EU) policymaking can be complex but your advocacy strategy shouldn't be.

Leveraging direct experience of working in EU policymaking, we simplify and translate EU policymaking and deliver effective advocacy strategies for clients.

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EU Legislators

We connect clients and EU co-legislators to realise shared goals

We connect our clients with EU co-legislators to foster discussions that align strategic objectives for the EU's internal market and support the delivery of effective EU legislation and policy.

EU Member States

We help clients shape the EU's policy agenda

Member State diplomats and officials have a pivotal role in shaping and implementing the EU's agenda. But with 27 member states and 24 official languages, engagement is multi-faceted. 


We orchestrate discussions for our clients across EU Member State governments to influence the development and delivery of the EU's financial services policy agenda.


EU Supervisory Authorities

We empower clients to influence EU policy implementation

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) are tasked with implementing EU policies to deliver good outcomes for consumers, markets and the financial system. 


We empower clients to influence policy implementation - aligning the statutory mandates of the ESAs with our client's business objectives.

National Authorities

We help clients engage in EU policy implementation

The 30+ national competent authorities of EU member states play a critical role in transposing new EU financial services legislation, alongside domestic lawmakers. 


We empower clients to actively contribute to policy implementation - aligning domestic transposition with our client's business objectives.

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