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Tailored UK Advocacy

UK policymakers differ and so should your approach to advocacy.

We develop persuasive narratives that bridge client and policymaker perspectives, deliver effective policy, and enable our clients to realise their strategic business objectives.

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UK Parliament

We connect UK politicians and clients to realise shared goals

UK politicians bear the mantle of a new era in policymaking. We connect our clients with politicians and foster discussions that align strategic objectives and support the delivery of effective legislation and policy.

HM Government

We help clients influence policy across government

Ministers and officials within His Majesty's (HM) Government play a pivotal role in shaping and implementing financial services and technology policy. We orchestrate discussions for our clients across government to influence the development and delivery of evidence-based and informed policy that fosters business growth.

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UK Financial Services Regulators

We empower clients to influence policy implementation

Regulators are tasked with implementing policies that deliver good outcomes for consumers, markets and the financial system. We empower clients to actively contribute to policy implementation - aligning regulators' statutory mandates with our client's business objectives.

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